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#613A/Solid/Ombre/Colorful Ponytail
#613A/Solid/Ombre/Colorful Ponytail
#613A/Solid/Ombre/Colorful Ponytail
#613A/Solid/Ombre/Colorful Ponytail

#613A/Solid/Ombre/Colorful Ponytail

#613A/Solid/Ombre/Colorful Ponytail


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Vpfashion Now Has Ponytail Extension On Sale Which Is Required By Many Girls Recently. 613A#, Darkest Brown And Customized Color Are Available Now On Our Website For Your Choice. No Matter For Daily Use, DIY Colorful Ponytail Or Cosplay Of Some Role Like Harleyquinn, It Is Really A Considerable Choice.

Hair Color: Solid, Ombre, Colorful or Custom
Quality: 100% Indian Remy Hair
Hair Can Be Washed, Heated, Colored And Styled
Avg. Product Life: Exceeds 1 Year
App. Method: Clip Or Human Hair Wrap
Features: Achieve A Thicker And Longer Ponytail
Length Range: 18~22 Inches | Weight Range: 80~120 Grams

4"(10CM) Cap For Normal Volume Hair Girls
4.7"(12CM) Cap For Thick Hair Girls



Email the exact hair color you want to after placing order.



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Professional Hair Tools can help to keep the hair extensions in good condition and longer product life.
Protective Hanger/Carrier Bag: Treat your Hair Extensions with care by storing them in a dry and flat place.
Anti-Static/Circular-Tooth Comb: Before and after using, please remember to brush your Hair Extensions kindly with a soft and wide tooth comb. Make sure all knots and tangles are gone.
Thinning Scissors Shears: Easy operation for thinning in order to give your hair a well-manicured look.




  • Ponytail Tutorial
  • Before & After

How to Dye/Style/Wear Ponytail

Watch this video to see the hair dye process,
styling, wearing and honest review of the new wrap
around ponytail from Vpfashion.

How to Wrap Around Hair with Ponytail

Watch this video to see detailed steps
on wrapping around ponytail extensions quickly
and easily.

How to Dye And Wear Clip Ponytail

Watch this video to get clip ponytail wearing
and dyeing process.

How to Apply Wrap & Clip Ponytail Extensions

Watch this video to see detailed steps
on wearing both wrap and clip ponytail extensions.


20"-100g #613A Wrap

OBSESSED with my new ponytail from the ever lovely @vpfashion; it's one of the wrap around ones and it looks so real
(as much as you can do when it's bright pink and you look like a cartoon character!).

It's 100% human hair, 613 blonde which I dyed to match my hair.
I'm so pleased with how it dyed too as the Sleek one I've been wearing just wouldn't dye completely.
It's 120g I think so there's plenty of hair to cover my own natural ponytail, even with my thick hair.


20"-100g #613A Wrap

There are no words for how excited I am about my ponytail from #vpfashion! Their quality is simply unreal.
Just like the clip in set, my color took perfectly right away. No pre stripping or spotty parts where the color won't absorb like
with most brands I've used. Just beautiful color on contact like dying my own bleached hair. I'll be posting a video soon of
how to put the ponytail in, and it's the easiest attachment method of anything I've ever had (or made) in the past,
comfortable, stays secure, and comes out easily at the end of the day. I was seriously twirling in circles when it first arrived
because I couldn't believe how secure it felt.


22"-120g #613A Clip

fab extensions by @vpfashion.
One of the coolest things invented is extensions made for ponytails.
On the Extension: I mixed both the silver and the teal together to create this frosty type color all over the extensions and it
turned out pretty well :)


22"-120g #613A Wrap 2 Sets

So in love with this new set of extensions from @vpfashion .Finally gonna start posting more about my extensions since
these came out perfectly! So glad @vpfashion has stepped up the quality of their hair even more OMG!
Vpfashion'ponytail extensions are everything! So much more convenient than trying to wrap clip ins around my pigtails!


22"-120g #613A Wrap

@Vpfashion Ponytail Extension 4 Ways

I'm so excited about my new #vpfashion ponytail extension! As soon as they announced them I knew I had to have one, and I was lucky enough to be chosen by @vpfashion to test one out before they sell them. This ponytail is THICK and silky soft. It came to me blonde and ready to dye, and it took my color really well! I wanted to show off how versatile this piece is by styling it 4 ways... Low Pony: I teased the crown of my hair and pinned it just above my low pony and added the extension. Ariana Grande / Charo half up high pony: I styled my hair half up half down with my ponytail extension up top and added my 22" - 220g silky straight @vpfashion extensions to my lower half. Classic Ponytail: All hair pulled back with extension. The biggest messy bun EVER: with my extension in a high pony I took a second hair elastic to loop my hair through and slid in a few bobby pins to secure.


22"-120g #613A Wrap

I'd like to take a moment to talk about the new @vpfashion ponytail hair extensions. I've already mentioned before how VP Fashion is one of my favorite hair extension companies but this wrap ponytail has literally made me fall in love with them. The hair quality is INSANE. It's so thick and smooth, and it dyes so easily. OBSESSED.

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Protective Hanger/Carrier Bag

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Thinning Scissors Shears
Thinning Scissors Shears

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Anti-Static/Circular-Tooth Comb
Anti-Static/Circular-Tooth Comb

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