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by Josefine Persson
Rating:          Date Added: 08/14/2017
This is the best extensions i have ever purchased. It was extremely thick and smooth. Totaly worth the money. I really hope the extensions are going to maintain it's amazing quality longer than a few months!
White Blonde (DIY DYE) Indian Remy Clip In D613A
by Nancy Anoukesy
Rating:          Date Added: 08/09/2017
Did a second dye on my 20" - 200g extensions using Arctic fox hair color in sunset orange and I am so in love with them!! They are still super thick and soft after stripping out the hair color from the first dye. And they give me the perfect length and blends with my own hair beautifully🖤
White Blonde (DIY DYE) Indian Remy Clip In D613A
Rating:          Date Added: 07/17/2017
The hair extensions are great! The volume is perfect, they are easy to style. Overall very pleased.
White Blonde (DIY DYE) Indian Remy Clip In D613A
by melissa estrada
Rating:          Date Added: 07/06/2017
White Blonde (DIY DYE) Lace Front Wig W613A
by Fallon Fraser
Rating:          Date Added: 06/26/2017
So far I really like the extensions! I love the thickness that they are, some extensions can be thin along the bottoms but I am really quite happy with these! And they are super light so I know they will take the colour well! They are really quite soft! I can't wait to dye them and start wearing them!!
White Blonde (DIY DYE) Indian Remy Clip In D613A
Rating:          Date Added: 06/23/2017
Blue Crystal Floral Crown AWC0004
by Teresa Velez
Rating:          Date Added: 04/14/2017
I ❤️ loved the extensions 5 stars, very good quality very beautiful.I was very satisfied with the outcome look.
White Blonde (DIY DYE) Indian Remy Clip In D613A
Rating:          Date Added: 04/10/2017
#613A White Blonde Clip In VPMIXDYEABLE
by Hannah De Graauw
Rating:          Date Added: 04/10/2017
The hair is wonderful! It's so soft and easy to dye <3 The clip ins are really easy to put in, i'm fully satisfied with the final product of the extensions! They look and feel amazing, giving me the best of both worlds, short and long hair.
White Blonde (DIY DYE) Indian Remy Clip In D613A
by norelle aguilar
Rating:          Date Added: 04/10/2017
The extensions for very soft and felt exactly like human hair and not like a Barbie's head, the was perfect a toenail to match my own head of hair, the wefts were perfect to match up on my head. I have done first dye and they retained their softness which is always a plus.
White Blonde (DIY DYE) Indian Remy Clip In D613A
by Augusta Wise
Rating:          Date Added: 04/05/2017
I absolutely love my extensions!! The quality is amazing, and they're so so easy to wear. I've worn them just for fun and for a photo shoot, and they work perfectly for everyday life or for work! Will definitely recommend to anyone looking for extensions - they're my new favorite! Thank you so much!
#613A/Solid/Ombre/Colorful Indian Remy Ponytail
by Maja Kramer
Rating:          Date Added: 03/29/2017
When I first opened the box I was worried one pack wouldn't be enough for my whole head, but when I actually removed the hair from the plastic wrap I was extremely happily surprised to find that one pack was more than enough to cover my head! They're soft to the touch, silky, and the perfect tone of black! I got the normal 20" extensions, and I worried I would need a thick pack, however the normal pack was very thick on it's own which also made me happy! The clips also hold very well! VPFashion hair extensions are above and beyond my best expectations! I'm extremely satisfied! Most of my life I was very self-conscious and found myself despising my own appearance, but these extensions have definitely given me a confidence boost!
Solid Color Clip In Indian Remy Hair Extensions
Rating:          Date Added: 03/28/2017
Hairgod Zito Silver Series Colorful Clip In C059
by Ariel Garrett
Rating:          Date Added: 03/27/2017
My first impression was that they are very soft and have a great color, and the volume was perfect. After coloring them I am very satisfied with my extensions, they are very easy to install and style. The color came out perfectly!! Thank you for a quick delivery.
Solid Color Clip In Indian Remy Hair Extensions
by Whitney Tripp
Rating:          Date Added: 03/27/2017
When I opened my package, my first thought was how pretty the color was and how soft they were. I absolutely love them! This is my second set of extensions from vpfashion and my first set I loved just as much! I look forward to buying in the future from you all. You have a forever customer with me! Thank u!
Silver Series Colorful Clip In C049