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by Samantha Foley
Rating:          Date Added: 08/07/2020
Hello, I ordered white blonde tape in extensions. They are considerably darker than 'white blonde'. I am very disappointed.
by Jayden
Rating:          Date Added: 08/06/2020
love my new hair!
by Maiden
Rating:          Date Added: 08/06/2020
New wig and New contacts, and I am EXCITED. Wig isn't done, I just wanted to give it a whirl
by Suzanne Heidekamp
Rating:          Date Added: 08/06/2020
I like my hair in this!
by chris
Rating:          Date Added: 08/06/2020
I want it I got it. Gee, thanks! Just bought it!
by Jenna Gatchie
Rating:          Date Added: 08/06/2020
I ordered the skin weft tape in extensions in June with the replacement tape. I absolutely love them! However, I lost the replacement tape. It was 12$ when you bought the hair. I found replacement tape for 20$ on the website but I’m not sure if it’s the same tape that came with the hair. Can someone let me know so I don’t order the wrong tape? Thank you so much!
by Bri
Rating:          Date Added: 08/03/2020
Making all my hair fantasies come true!
by Kayla
Rating:          Date Added: 08/03/2020
Call me Shego!
by Beverly
Rating:          Date Added: 08/03/2020
Love my hair extensions!
by Bianca Bosio
Rating:          Date Added: 08/03/2020
Thank you for my 32'' hair extensions!
by Laurence Kourie
Rating:          Date Added: 07/31/2020
I needed a little change. Custom the hair extensions!
by Ashley
Rating:          Date Added: 07/30/2020
My blue ponytail!
by Kathren Burran
Rating:          Date Added: 07/30/2020
I want to thank you for helping me get the extensions I needed. I got a bad batch the first time and they fixed the issue and told me about these seamless ones. Can't wait to try them out! Never buying extensions from any other company. VP is my go to.? Go check out their wigs and extensions!
by heather schuessler
Rating:          Date Added: 07/30/2020
thank u guys for making the best extensions lol second use !! extremely easy to put in, haven’t had to recolor them at all they hold color so well!!
by Elaine Fegebank
Rating:          Date Added: 07/30/2020
thanks for the great extensions, i have been ordering from you for 5 years and they have always been great