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by Rachel Obrist
Rating:          Date Added: 06/25/2018
I legitimately feel like a mermaid ????? and a princess The pink was achieved with 32 inch style
by Gabrielle Bell-Gill
Rating:          Date Added: 06/21/2018
I need to leave a good review for you guys. I'm so happy with my hair exstensions, I've been wearing clip ins for 10 years now and these are the best quality I've had !
by Julia Pfaff
Rating:          Date Added: 06/06/2018
Top quality hair and product AND for a great price! Couldn't of been more satisfied with the quality and how easy it was to maintain even after coloring my wig several times. Highly recommend and would order again...
by Izzy Bandy
Rating:          Date Added: 05/15/2018
I'm actually really amazed that the colour has lasted over a year on them and they still look good I'm also really surprised that they haven't gotten really frizzy yet. I will definitely try and get a new set after these as the long time quality of your extensions are amazing!
by Jessica Jesso
Rating:          Date Added: 05/11/2018
I love these extensions, I have used other companies before and nothing compares to the quality of these. They hardly shed and they took the colour/toning so well. They blend easily and seamlessly in my opinion and honestly I am not going to another hair extension company again!
by Haleigh Alderton
Rating:          Date Added: 05/08/2018
This wig is worth every cent! Its so easy to colour, wash and style, very well made and i couldn't be happier :)
by Sahar Emadi
Rating:          Date Added: 05/08/2018
The tester hair clip ins are actually really amazing, I got way more hair than I thought was going to come with it, but I was pleasantly surprised. I ended up cutting the weft into two pieces and sewed additional clips on to the ends, which they generously provide many of for free (hair clips).With this tester I was able to create some smaller pieces that do not match my over all hair color and create more intricate dyed pieces woths lots of funky color melts and they are some of my favorite clips ins, now. The hair was light enough without having to do toning first to even dye silver with pulp riot and the final product was not patchy. I would recommend these to anyone who wants to add more volume to their hair without having to buy an entire set though you should have a full set already, this is just to make it more filled out or to change up some of the colors.
by annah Beardshaw
Rating:          Date Added: 04/26/2018
The quality of the extensions I received seem great! They are incredibly soft and silky and feel very thick as I'd hoped for.
by Emma Badolato
Rating:          Date Added: 03/06/2018
I just received my extensions and they are sooooo beautiful thank you so much!
by shelby boyd
Rating:          Date Added: 02/08/2018
I absolutely love the set you sent me!! It blends beautifully and I’m so happy with it. I cannot thank you again for how helpful and kind your customer service is. I am so impressed and so grateful. Thank you so so so much!!
by Camryn Balentine
Rating:          Date Added: 01/29/2018
I love them and they look great. The color is perfect :)
by Cynthia Perez
Rating:          Date Added: 01/09/2018
Love the hair absurd, very satisfied with the overall look of the hair.
by Carla Ballard
Rating:          Date Added: 12/13/2017
I love them! I colored them slightly darker and added purple to match my hair! They take so well to color. Direct dyes and permanent mixed dyes! I love vpfashion extensions. Great amazing quality
by Haley Weaver
Rating:          Date Added: 12/12/2017
I’m loving my extensions. They look the dye very well and there still super soft.
by dawn Cardone
Rating:          Date Added: 12/04/2017