Tape In Hair Extension

40pcs-100g Classic Tape In Extensions for Short and Thin Hair
40pcs-100g Classic Tape In Extensions for Short and Thin Hair
40pcs-100g New Skinweft Tape In Hair Extensions For Seamless Hair
40pcs-100g New Skinweft Tape In Hair Extensions For Seamless Hair
40pcs-100g Mini Tape In Hair Extensions
40pcs-100g Mini Tape In Hair Extensions

Q: How Many Packs for A Full Head Installation?

A: 1 pack is for people with thin hair or adding partial volume; 2 packs are needed if you have thick hair.

1 pack 2 packs

Q: How to Install Tape-In Hair Extensions?

A: Although it’s an easier method than some of the others, it’s best to have a professional stylist install and move them up.
  • Start with clean hair. No conditioner from the midshaft down before or after installation!
  • Flat ironing your hair, making sure your hair is not bunched up in the sandwich bond.
  • Use a rat-tail comb to section a clean and straight line where you want your first weft to go.
  • Never flat iron the tape bonds during the application.
  • Not tape them too close to your hair roots or too far but leave a little room for movement.
  • Sandwitch your hair between the two wefts and press the adhesive part to create strong bond.
  • After installation, wait 48 hours before washing to make sure they do not get wet and the adhesive has had time to set.

Q: How Long Should Tape-In Hair Extensions Last?

A: If tape-ins are cared for properly, they will last a year or longer. Tape-ins are meant to last six to eight weeks before they need to be moved up, depending on the rate of the hair’s growth. The hair can be reused two to three times if removed and installed correctly.

Q: What May Cause Early Slippage?

A: Tape-ins are meant to last six to eight weeks before they need to be moved up. If you are experiencing early slippage, it could either be the improper installation or the mismanagement. Here are some things that could cause slippage:
  • Natural hair is not fully clarified before installation
  • Tape-ins are applied to an inappropriate distance from the head
  • Gets oil or other substances on the adhesive before installation
  • Conditions your scalp
  • Leaves your hair damp for too long
  • Brush inappropriately or tugs at the tape in some other way
  • Apply heat or styling product near the tape
  • Regular maintenance appointments aren’t getting done

Q: How to Wash and Condition Your Hair?

A: Below are some instructions for you.
  • Brush your hair first to keep it from tangling up while it’s being washed.
  • Use sulfate-free products, condition only from the midshaft down. If any oils or conditioners are placed on the tape or scalp, they will weigh down the extensions and the tape will also slip;
  • Blow-dryers are not recommended as this will damage the hair. Also when you use a towel to dry your hair, do not rub the towel but slowly move down from top to the tips.
  • Wash your hair less frequently. Two to three times a week at most and make sure your hair dries quickly afterwards. Do not sleep with wet hair.

Q: How to Brush Your Hair?

A: Brush you hair 1 or 2 times a day. Wet hair can be detangled with a wide tooth comb or your fingers. The correct brushing technique is to start from the ends and work your way up, pressing firmly on the adhesive so that the tape-ins don’t get tugged.

Q: How to Care for Tape-In Extensions?

A: Hair Maintenance is crucial for shiny and long-lasting hair.
  • Wash & condition with sulfate-free products only!
  • Whether it’s a treatment, shampoo, hair masks, and any other moisturizing treatments, apply it from the middle down to avoid weighing the hair down or any of that dreaded slippage.
  • Apply a hair mask at least once a month to help keep the hair moisturized and preserve its shine.
  • Try to air dry whenever possible, and brush them from the bottom up, use the right brush & leave-in conditioners, and try to avoid brushing when wet.
  • When you sleep, braid your hair in a loosen pony or use a headscarf to help protect the hair from tangles. Ponytails, buns, braids or any up-do with Tape-In should be loose.
  • Always use a heat protectant before straightening, curling, or using any form of high heat.

Q: How to remove tape ins?

A: 1、Use a clear oil-based rather than an alcohol-based remover. Start by applying a good amount of tape-in bond remover to a single weft or a single row of wefts, depending on your preference. Do not saturate the whole head; if the remover is left for too long, it starts to disintegrate the tape and make it gummy. That being said, don’t be afraid to use too much remover on the section that you're working with. Using too little might fail to weaken the bond. If the bond is not peeling easily from the hair, simply add more remover.

Do not tug on the extensions. Once the weft is out, apply a little more remover to the natural hair to remove any of the old adhesives that may still be lingering, then use a comb to comb it out.

2、Wash the hair once with a clarifying shampoo. If there's still some stickiness left in the hair, add a little baking soda to the clarifying shampoo for a second wash, but only where the extensions were placed. The baking soda will act as a safe abrasive to help break down the remover and stickiness.

Shampoo the hair again for the third time to remove any traces of the baking soda. You may condition from the mid-shaft down to make the hair more manageable, so long as you avoid the roots and refrain from using any other products on the hair.

3、Make sure that you don’t have any product or oil on your hands before replacing the tapes. When you peel the replacement tape away from the card, only touch the very edge. Try to come in contact with the tape as little as possible. Make sure that you press it firmly to the extension weft.

By Jade Fortson    jade*******@hotmail.com
Tape In Purchased History: one pack 1# in 22’’-100g, one pack 1# in 18’’-100 g and one pack 613# in 20’’-100g

It’s the easiest. I don’t have to put in and take out my clip ins every day, I can just wake up and have long, full hair with tape ins. It’s also easier on my hair, clips rip/break my hair. vpfashion is my favorite, because every-time I’ve bought extensions they have been in amazing condition and last me a lone time with proper care.

By Jeanette Stilen    Kira****@hotmail.com
Tape In Purchased History: one pack 613A# in 24’’-100g, 2 packs 613A# in 24’’-100g, one pack 613A in 24’’-120g

Easy enough appliance, lasts long and big cover(much hair in each piece). And VP fashion tape-ins are always very full and luscious. VP fashion is my go-to brand because of fullness. I only go with SHE hair if my client insists.

By leah webb    leahwebb***@gmail.com
Tape In Purchased History: 2 packs 5# in 18’’-100g

They look more natural and are easier to maintain. i like to wake up in the morning with the extensions already installed. I have only bought from VpFashion because their quality of hair is better and the tops pf the extensions are easier to blend and hide in hair. The extensions also have minimal shedding.

By Tori Goodson    tori*******@hotmail.com
Tape In Purchased History: one pack 2# in 16’’-100g

Best for my fragile hair, blend easier, easier maintenance than other permanent extensions. Vp and Zala are my go tos as they last the longest and handle hair dye much better than other brands I've purchased.

By Nicole Walsh    starga***********@yahoo.com
Tape In Purchased History: one pack 613A# in 24’’-100g

My hair doesn’t grow very fast and it’s thinner. I like the look of long and full hair! Bombshell and vpfashion are both high quality and lasts the longest.

By Miriah Andres    mya.*********@gmail.com
Tape In Purchased History: 2 packs 613A# in 24’’-120g

It is the more permanent option that is also more seamless and flexible to work with. It is also easy to reinstall as well. I have only used VPFashion tape in hair extensions. I have been using your hair extensions for over 6 years!

By Karen Powell    KP*******@gmail.com
Tape In Purchased History: one pack 27# in 16’’-100g

I feel like tape ins do less damage to my hair. I suffer from autoimmune issues and my hair is very thin .. your products work amazingly in thin hair!

By stephanie hilton    S.m******@yahoo.ca
Tape In Purchased History: one pack 613A in 14’’-100g

Thinner hair so they look much more natural. I've honestly ever used yours and I love them to change.

By Faith Reeves    Pandamons********@yahoo.com
Tape In Purchased History: 2 packs 613A# in 22’’-100g

They don’t cause as much damage as clips ins did for me. I've only ever worn tape-ins from VP Fashion. For clip-in hair extensions I've only tried Sally Beauty Supply. I wholeheartedly support VP Fashion more. Though it is more expensive, if well taken care of, the tape-ins would last me about a year to a year and a half as I very rarely dye my hair anymore. The quality and deals you get are so much better.

By Alexandra vormeyer    Alexandra.********@yahoo.de
Tape In Purchased History: one pack XP-90 in 16’’-104g

I got fine hair and it is enjoyable to wear.

By Brittany Setz    Brittany****@hotmail.com
Tape In Purchased History: one pack 1# in 22’’-100g

They don’t cause as much damage as clips ins did for me
Hot heads - AMAZING quality but too expensive. Zala was ok, affordable but not great quality. Babe extensions are amazing but expensive as well.

By Kimberley Ahage    Kimberley******@hotmail.com
Tape In Purchased History: one pack 20# in 24’’-100g

They don't tare so mush on my Hair & I can restyle them to suit my haircut. Whether its asymetrical or long that month.

By Danelle Parks    dcparks*****@gmail.com
Tape In Purchased History: one pack 613A in 24’’-120g

They don’t dread my hair and I can install them myself.

By Marika Korber    m******@live.ca
Tape In Purchased History: one pack 14’’-100g in 2#

I use clip ins, and have for the past 6 years. I have tried tape-ins before and loved them. I would like tape-ins again to help my hair growth, and so I can maintain my hair. I have always used vpfashion for extensions. Their brand has always been durable and soft and I have not had any complaints.

By Sea Chelles    sea***********@gmail.com

Tape ins create a more natural look that’s flush with my scalp and much easier than installing clip ins everyday. I’ve used VP fashion tape ins and Bellami. The quality is very similar, but the pricing through VP is so much more fair and customer service has been helpful in the past.